What's happening?

Grade 3

Third grade students have been busy growing and learning. Here is a snapshot of what they have been working on with Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Kleinebreil, Mrs. Lamoureux  and Mrs. Salisbury since school started:

Reading: We have a new reading program called HMH Into Reading which has lots of opportunities for students to read, write and respond to literature. We have learned about literary elements, characters, plot and point of view, to name a few. We are currently wrapping up Module 2, “Use Your Words” which is about using words to express yourself. We will soon be starting Module 3, “Let Freedom Ring” which focuses on U.S. symbols.

Writing: We started the school year focusing on personal narratives and writing structure, particularly how to write a good paragraph. Students in the three classes wrote about various topics including: pumpkins and gourds (detail writing), Crankenstein (writing about feelings), and free writes.

Math: In Unit 2, we are learning about number stories and arrays. This includes solving multi step word problems and using extended addition and subtraction facts. We also have started to explore multiplication and division. We are using pictures, arrays and fact triangles to become experts at multiplying and dividing. Third graders are also working very hard to earn STMath puzzles. 

Social Studies/Science: The beginning of the school year was devoted to getting to know our classmates and developing classroom culture, so we focused on Second Steps lessons. Second Steps lessons highlight ways for children to problem solve with empathy and kindness while being focused learners. This helps students as they work with Learning Buddies, in cooperative groups in all academic areas, as well as when they have free time at recess or at home. 

We have now moved into studying the history of Attleboro and we have started to study the State of Massachusetts. In Science third grade classes are also using Mystery Science lessons to explore the third grade Science Standards.

Pumpkin & Gourd Detail Writing from Mrs. Kleinebreil’s Class

Pumpkin & Gourd Detail Writing from Mrs. Kleinebreil’s Class

Learning Buddies in Mrs. Kleinebreil’s class work on math skills.


Mrs. Lamoureux’s Class enjoys Maker Space.

Mrs. Fitzgerald’s class works cooperatively on Math skills.

Directive drawings for Crankenstein Writing from Mrs. Salisbury’s class.

 Personal Narrative Writing from Mrs. Salisbury’s class