What's happening?

What is Happening in Kindergarten?

Kindergarten students have been learning about fall and trees.

In Mrs. McLoughlin’s class we created fall trees with colorful leaves and wrote about the weather in fall.  We also collected and sorted objects in nature that we found outside the school.  Thanks to our PTO, we also have access to “Scholastic News” magazines in which we read about Fall and graphed objects found in nature.  Ask your child to tell you about the four seasons song that we have been practicing!



Mrs. Garland’s class had fun observing and learning about what happens to trees in the fall.  We went outside and chose a leaf to bring in and examine, then we made leaf rubbings to help us see the veins in the leaves.  We looked at our hands and noticed that we have veins, too!

We found leaves that matched our clothing and enjoyed playing with the fallen leaves during recess!


In mid-September, Ms. Medeiros’ class began their Special Tree Project. Her kindergarten class chose and adopted a special tree at our school.  Each month, the children will be visiting their special tree to observe its changes throughout the seasons. They then will discuss their observations and document them in their science journals. The children are surely looking forward to seeing all of the changes that will be occurring throughout the year! Mother Nature is amazing!!!


We also had fun picking leaves for our leaf rubbings:   


 Miss P’s class has had a lot of fun learning about what happens in the fall! We created trees by tracing our hands and finger painting the different color leaves we see during the fall. We had a lot of fun going outside and gathering different objects from nature around the school. We brought our collections into the classroom, where we sorted them and graphed what we found in our time magazines. The students had so much fun counting and sorting all of their findings.