What's happening?

First Grade has been busy providing personalized academic and social-emotional learning experiences, ensuring the development toward their full potential.


Students have been reading a variety of different nonfiction and fiction stories.  They often read their “book bags” independently, often choosing their “just right” books. Classes are working on increasing sight words and learning enriching new vocabulary words.


First graders have been working on writing a complete sentence which includes correct letter formation, spacing, capitals and punctuation.  Most recently, they have been beginning to discuss and write about beginning, middle and end of stories as a class.


We are working on Number Sense activities, including tallies, hopping on a number line and solving number stories with addition and subtraction.  The children have enjoyed playing games such as Top-It, Monster Squeeze, Rolling to 50, High Roller and Penny Plate to help carry over learned skills.  


First graders have been learning how animals care for their young.  We have researched many animals such as penguins, polar bears etc.  Through this research they have noticed similarities and differences with their own families.

Social Emotional:

First grade has been using the Second Steps program to learn how to identify feelings, problems and how to solve them.  They love when Puppy or Snail visit to help them act out these skills! First graders are also working on learning the difference between a “tattle” and “reporting.”